Quick Script to Audit Access in Report Services

Here is a quick and dirty script that will extract out security information for objects within report services.

USE [ReportServer]
/* Report Services Security Review Script */
                , C.ItemID
                , C.Type
                , C.Hidden
                , C.Path
                , C.Name
                , C.PolicyRoot
                , PUR.PolicyID
                , R.RoleName
                , U.UserName
                , U.Sid
                , U.UserType
                , U.AuthType
  FROM Catalog as C
INNER JOIN dbo.PolicyUserRole AS PUR ON PUR.PolicyID = C.PolicyID  
INNER JOIN dbo.Roles AS R ON R.RoleID = PUR.RoleID
INNER JOIN dbo.Users AS U ON U.UserID = PUR.UserID

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