Lucky Number Three

This weekend marked my third SQLSaturday that I was a presenter.  I wanted to take some time and reflect on my journey to this point.

Who I am

I would consider myself your typical IT guy.  I’m introverted who finds peace in the solitude of my own thoughts.  I like a puzzle and before I know it I can find myself deep down the rabbit hole attempting to solve something that isn’t working or developing a solution to add efficiency to a process. I would rather be walking through the woods by myself than in a crowded event with people I don’t know.

My Start to Presenting

I began presenting because of Allen White (Twitter | Blog).  Allen is the President of the Ohio North SQL Server User Group and he is constantly starting meetings and presentations that he does with, “Each and everyone have something that you can share and teach each and everyone of us.”.  With that and the fact that I had consumed so much from the SQLCommunity that I felt it was my turn to give back to the community.

The Battle Within

I do admit that there is a battle that I fight for every presentation I do.  However, like I said I’m doing it to give back to the SQLCommunity.  This since of community makes it easier when I walk into a SQLSaturday or my presentation with my fellow SQLNerds.  For me the first thing I learned was that it doesn’t matter if it’s a small group or a room packed with people the fear is the same for me.

Evolution of Being a Presenter

One of the other thing that I mentioned about myself is that I am soft spoken.  This was a concern at my first presentation at our SQL Server User Group.  Being nervous and not truly knowing my topic, Master Data, I quickly ran short on content and long on time.  Thankfully, Allen and John Miller was there to help.  John went into a flawless discussion of the history of Microsoft Master Data Services.  The evaluations and the comments was helpful that I was able to take what I learnt and apply it when I spoke at the Pittsburgh SQLSaturday.  At the Pittsburgh SQLSaturday I gave two presentations.  The first was my presentation on PowerShell.  I had submitted it because it was a topic that was requested that no one was presenting on.  My other presentation was my rework of my presentation on Master Data.  Both presentations went well and I was able to take what I learned when I went to DC.  The first thing I learned was that I really need to rework my Master Data presentation so I didn’t submit the presentation to DC.  The PowerShell presentation went well so I submitted it and made some minor modifications before DC.  After DC a review of the evaluations showed that many people felt that the presentation was not interactive enough. Up to this point all my presentations where PowerPoint only and I was using a first generation iPad.  Last weekend in Detroit I gave a rework of my presentation where I combined introduction slides and a series of canned demos.  I was planning on ending with having everyone writing what they would like to see PowerShell do.  However, I ran into a new problem this time.  I ran out of time for my presentation. As I look forward to Rochester NY in May thanks to the feedback of the SQLCommunity I will adjust my presentation and my presentation style once again.

So what’s stopping you?

My goal with my PowerShell presentation is that I hope it inspires you you want to start using PowerShell to start automating your life.  I hope this post and my journey helps to inspire you to give back to the SQLCommunity.  Either by volunteering, blogging, answering questions on Twitter from #sqlhelp or presenting.

I look forward to what your contribution to the SQLCommuntiy.

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