Collecting System Information with PowerShell

At the Detroit SQL Saturday last week I was going to attempt something new. I had handed index cards and asked everyone to write an example of what they would like to see PowerShell do.  Bellow is an example of one of the index cards that I had collected.  The the idea was good in theory.  However, I will be pulling it from my next presentation.

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Presentation Schedule for October 2012

This is a first for me and I am extremely excited.  Back in August was the first time I ever gave a presentation to a group of my peers.  It was a great learning experience.  This month I will get a chance to do it a few more times.

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Quick Server Health Check

The following is a quick script I generated that allows me to do a simple health check of systems. The idea behind it was that I wanted a script that I could execute after patching systems to make sure that the systems where available and all services where running. After creating the script though I found it was a great way for me to do an early morning health check of systems. I do this by executing the script via a windows schedule task. The result of the script is them sent to me via email.

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